CALIS Symposium 2017 – Københavns Universitet

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CALIS Symposium 2017

CALIS invites life science students to an interdisciplinary symposium focusing on the life and the environment that we have shared with the animals for thousands of years. We take our point of departure with the big five – the Neglected Tropical Diseases given priority by WHO.

Shared environment means shared pathogens, similar risk of disease, and impact from agents. To tackle these challenges we need people with different educations and insights. We must work together towards the common goals and to protect the earth and the life populating it.

Led by leading Danish scientists we will acquire new knowledge and inspiration to tackle issues such as zoonoses and human disease management. And which role the environment plays in this.

Find inspiration – learn – and make a difference – JOIN this symposium on 6 May 2017 - see the FULL PROGRAMME.

The registration is open from 15 to 29 April. Payment by MobilePay on (+45) 30 56 57 04 and enter “CALIS, your name and area of study", e.g. "CALIS Anders Andersen". You may also contact

Participation is only 50 kroner per person and includes meals and refreshments during the day. After the symposium we will open A-vej (the uni bar on campus) for further refreshments (these are not included in the price).