Sign up for the new course "Bioinformatics for Animal Genomics"

Do you need an overview of;
  - key data types and sequence based data sets for animal genomics and from where to obtain them
  - bioinformatics tools applicable for analysis of a broad range of data from animal genomes and transcriptomes
  - bioinformatics tools for obtaining in silico driven predictions on animal genomes 

Then you should sign up for our new MSc / PhD course: 

NGS is an essential tool in most biomedical research and diagnostic tasks nowadays. In deep understanding and interpretation of the data requires (a) knowledge about the concepts behind the data analysis steps and (b) often a non-standardized analyses pipeline. In this course you will get the tools to critically analyse sequencing data yourself and to interpret the result to get most out of your experiments.

You will extensively use open-source software, such as R, Galaxy and Cytoscape. We will provide you with example sequencing data, OR you can come with your own. So, if you are involved in a sequencing project or plan to get involved in the future (which is not very unlikely to happen) this course will make you prepared. 

The course will run at Frederiksberg Campus.