CSBSP8 & EVPC 2019: New trends – new challenges

​We are very pleased to announce the The 8th Conference of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) and the Annual Meeting of the European Veterinary Parasitology College (EVPC) - the European international  parasitology event.

The programme is quite extensive, with a number of top parasitologists as key note speakers. Below an appetizer:

Foodborne parasites!
Grounded in outputs from the COST Action Euro-FBP, the European network for foodborne parasites, Lucy Robertson will give a flavour on why parasites remain neglected among the foodborne pathogens, and why we should be concerned.

“Good teacher and bad students: Leishmania is lecturing".
This learning experience will touch upon quick global changes, new patterns, epidemiology, the role of wildlife, and challenges in the One Health approach. On behalf of Leishmania, it will be Ezio Ferroglio giving this stimulating talk.

The latest on sea lice biology and host-parasite interaction, by Professor Frank Nilsen.

Horses and parasites!
The “ABBA of equine parasitology" (yes, wow!), comprising Dr. Eva Osterman Lind and Dr. Eva Tydén, will address the spread of anthelmintic resistance and tell about the Swedish approach to control of equine strongyle infections.

A guided tour into interesting interactions in the gut: Dr. Andrew Williams will talk about the most intriguing interactions between nutrition and helminth infection on the composition of the host gut microbiome.

Sarah Gabriël will give an overview of the impressive outcomes of CYSTINET, the European Network on taeniosis/cysticercosis.

See a full presentation of the speakers, check the programme and see the abstracts HERE.