14 June 2019

Dr Phan Thi Van to receive the Danida Alumni Prize 2019


Danida Fellowship Centre has decided to award the Danida Alumni Prize 2019 to Dr Phan Thi Van, Director of the Research Institute of Aquaculture No 1 in Vietnam.

Danida Fellowship Centre gave this motivation when they decided to award Phan Thi Van the Danida Alumni Prize: We wish to award her ambition, her drive and her tireless promotion of scientific research in the sustainable development of aquaculture, not only nationally, but also internationally. Van will receive the prize at ceremony on June 27, 2019 at the Copenhagen Business School. 

Phan Thi Van earned her PhD in Epidemiology and Food Safety in Aquaculture from the University of Copenhagen in 2010 as a fellow in the Danida-supported research capacity building project  Fish-borne Zoonotic Parasite II project under the supervision of Profs. Annette Kjær Ersbøll and Anders Dalsgaard, UCPH-HEALTH. Phan Thi Van and RIA1 have for more than two decades been doing collaborative research with Prof. Anders Dalsgaard and others at UCPH-HEALTH. 

Van is the first female director of the Research Institute of Aquaculture No. 1 (RIA1) with more than 200 staff. The following video gives an introduction to Phan Thi Van: https://dfcentre.com/main/dr-phan-thi-van-to-receive-the-danida-alumni-prize-2019/

Dr Van is a popular candidate and the news were received with enthusiasm by friends and colleagues:

“Congratulations! I can’t think of a scientist/administrator who deserves such recognition more than you. You never fail to impress us!” (Adjunkt Professor K.D. Murrel, Mayland, USA) 
“Well deserved Dr. Van. Cannot think of a more worthy candidate. Congratulations!”(Jesper Clausen, Vietnam)
“Congrats Dr. Van, it is a great chance for you to visit DFC again.” (Hung Nguyen, Vietnam) 
”Congratulations. Well deserved” (Kurt Buchmann, Denmark) 
"Congrats, Van, for your very special day receiving Danida Alumni Prize 2019! We are so glad and proud of you! "(Thanhson, NIVR)

About the prize
The Danida Alumni Prize is awarded annually to a Danida alumni, who has made a significant contribution to positive change in his or her home country or professional field based on his or her studies in Denmark. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the current WHO Director-General received the price in 2017.