11 February 2021

EAEVE accreditation postponed - again


Once again COVID-19 has  put a spanner in the wheel for the planned EAEVE accreditation of Vetschool.

​The planned EAEVE accreditation visit on 8-12 March has been postponed.  It became impossible to implement the visit due to the present restrictions for travel, entry and the holding of actual meetings. 

This is the third time the visit has been postponed, we had to cancel the two first visits in April and September 2020. 

We are working to find new dates for the EAEVE accreditation team's visit sometime during the second half of 2021. 

Our self-evaluation report, which was sent to EAEVE in February 2020, will still be valid but will be supplemented by an addendum that deals with the effects and our handling of the COVID-19 situation. 

​Vetschool's accreditation status will be extended until we can schedule the future visit. 

Peter Holm

Head of Vetschool