The Parasitic Zoonoses Group

With the aim to contribute to provide evidence-based recommendations for control, elimination and eradication of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases our group works within a network of international collaborators with ongoing research in parasitic zoonoses in Denmark, EU and low-income countries.

Our research activities focus on parasitic zoonoses. In all activities we apply a One Health approach working across sectors including all relevant disciplines.

Research areas
Host-parasite interactions, parasite transmission and distribution, diagnostics of parasitic zoonoses, societal burden of parasitic zoonoses and intervention against and control of parasitic zoonoses. These research areas are cornerstones in alleviating problems in low-income countries due to parasitic zoonoses.

Advocacy for Neglected Zoonotic Diseases is a main activity and includes information, communication and dissemination of educational material as well as support of networks involved in Neglected Zoonotic Diseases. See more here:

The group has three externally funded projects within parasitic zoonoses:

  • Danida funded: `Securing rural Livelihoods through Improved smallholder Pig Production in Mozambique and Tanzania' (the SLIPP Project 2010 - 2016). The MAIN findings from the project are summarized HERE.
  • GALVMed financed project entitled: ‘Assessment of TSOL18 vaccine in combination with oxfendazole to control Taenia solium in Mbeya, Tanzania’ (2016-2018)
  • EU EDCTP: The project involves three partner countries in Europe (Belgium, Germany and Denmark) and two partner countries in Africa (Tanzania and Zambia).

The group is very active in three EU- COST action programmes (2016-2021).

Young scientists
We have a number of young scientists attached to the various projects in Denmark, in Tanzania and in Mozambique.

Despite its modest size the group is publishing its peer reviewed publications internationally. VIEW the list of publications for the last four years.

Two major virtual products have also been produced as part of our former externally funded research projects:

Both products are still very useful and under constant revision and development.