Cellular and Molecular Pediatrics (CMP)

The goal of the CMP group is to explore and understand the mechanisms of disease before and after birth – especially related to infections. We study how milk and microbial factors as well as immunometabolic drugs influence cell and organ development and resistance against infections. This is done using in vitro cell and ex vivo blood and tissue studies from animals and humans with and without infections. We explain why newborns are susceptiple to infections and how to improve their health status with interventions.




















































Group leader

Group Leader

Duc Ninh Nguyen

Associate Professor


Phone: +45 35333250


Dyrlægevej 68, building 1-73
1870 Frederiksberg C

Group/project members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bering, Stine Brandt Associate Professor +4535331092 E-mail
Bæk, Ole PhD Fellow +4535330104 E-mail
Muk (Mudi), Tik Postdoc +4535332272 E-mail
Nguyen, Duc Ninh Associate Professor +4535333250 E-mail
Pan, Xiaoyu Postdoc +4535331228 E-mail
Spiegelhauer, Malene Roed Research Assistant +4535324693 E-mail
Wu, Ziyuan PhD Student   E-mail
Yang, Lin PhD Student   E-mail