Projects in the Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare Research Group

  1. Guts, grains and greens (, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen, Hanne Frøkiær, Tine Rask Licht (DTU)
  2. UNIK Food, Farma and Fitness (, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen, Maja Jakesevic, several partners at KU.
  3. Centre for Applied Laboratory Animal Research (, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Dorte Bratbo Sørensen, Jan Ottesen (Novo Nordisk), Tina Brønnum Pedersen (Lundbeck)
  4. Inducing gut regulatory immunity in early life to treat or prevent inflammatory disease later in life ((, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Katja Bangsgård Bendtsen, Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen, Kirsten Dahl (Novo Nordisk), Finn Kvist Vogensen (IFV-KU-SCIENCE), Kerstin Skovgaard (DTU)
  5. The piroxicam accelerated colitis model in IL-10k.o. mice as a tool to discover and characterize novel therapeutics in IBD (, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Kristine Holgersen, Maja Jakesevic, Thomas Holm (Novo Nordisk)
  6. The specificity of regulator cells in relation to Type 1 diabetes (, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Pernille Kihl, Karsten Buschard (Rigshospitalet), Matthias von Herrath (Novo Nordisk), Dennis Sandris Nielsen (IFV-KU-SCIENCE)
  7. Development and characterization of a diabetic and atherosclerotic rodent animal model (, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Ida Rune Sørensen, Jens Lykkesfeldt, Bidda Rolin (Novo Nordisk), Berit Christoffersen (Novo Nordisk)
  8. Cognitive and emotional consequences of diet-induced obesity in rats (( / Dorte Bratbo Sørensen, Pernille Tveden-Nyborg, Bjørn Forkman, A PhD student (KU-SUND); David Sarruf (Novo Nordisk)
  9. Improving animal models in Neuroscience Relationship between diet, gut microbiota, low-grade inflammation and animal models (KU-LIFE scholarship). Dorte Bratbo Sørensen, axel Kornerup Hansen, Bettina Pyndt (KU-SUND); Nanna Grand (CiToxLab A/S); Tina Brønnum Pedersen (Lundbeck A/S)
  10. Applied Animal Behaviour in Biomedical research Behaviour and Welfare in mini pig models of Human Metabolic syndrome (NUTRIOMICS, KU-SUND). Annika Haagesen, Dorte Bratbo Sørensen, Peter Sandøe, Axel Kornerup Hansen; Nanna Grand (CiToxLab A/S); various other departments at KU-SUND
  11. Improved microbial and immunological standardisation in the production of laboratory rodents to increase scientific outcome and reduce the number of animals used (Villum Foundation) Axel Kornerup Hansen, Maja Jakesevic
  12. Tailored milk and human health (FØSU), Axel Kornerup Hansen, Britt Tranberg Christensen, Jens Lykkesfeldt, Lars Hellgren (DTU)
  13. Humanized mice with a human gut microbiota (VTU), Axel Kornerup Hansen, Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen, Martin Toft (Taconic)