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Centre for Laboratory Animal Training (CeLAT)

Centre for Laboratory Animal Training (CeLAT) is a small centre established in 2018 by animal caretakers and veterinarians dedicated to optimize animal welfare in laboratory animals. The centre functions as a virtual as well as physical meeting place for animal caretakers and others, focusing on continuing education in animal training techniques and animal-centred, positive management of laboratory animals.

CeLATs primary purpose is to disseminate knowledge on the many benefits of positive handling, training and management of laboratory animals and therefore CeLAT is hosting an annual seminar, at which members of CeLAT present their experiences and progress within the field. This seminar is free of charge and everybody is welcome. The seminar is in Danish.


CeLAT members are primarily animal caretakers and veterinarians working in laboratory animal facilities. To become a CeLAT-member,  an animal training course offered by either DAZA or KUZoo must have been passed. DAZA is the Danish Association of Zoos and Aquaria and KUZoo denotes the joint collaboration on animal training between University of Copenhagen (KU) and Copenhagen Zoo (Zoo). It is possible to apply for a dispensation by contacting the CeLAT steering committee chairman Dorte Bratbo.

Steering Committee

The CeLAT steering committee comprises two animal caretakers; Annette Pedersen (Animal caretaker and training coordinator at Copenhagen Zoo) and Martin Carlsen (Animal caretaker at Novo Nordisk) and two veterinarians Cathrine Bundgaard (Novo Nordisk) and Dorte Bratbo Sørensen (University of Copenhagen). Chairman is Dorte Bratbo Sørensen.