BARE: Biocontrol of Antibiotic REsistant bacteria

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of modern society’s major challenges and alternative solutions are urgently needed. Colistin resistant and extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing (ESBL) E. coli and Salmonella are antibiotic resistant bacteria found in primary production. Recent reports have shown that such bacteria from animal or animal products may be sources of human infections with limited treatment possibilities due to the antibiotic resistance. Therefore, novel alternative strategies are needed to combat these antibiotic resistant bacteria.

This project will utilize natural bacteriophages to specifically kill ESBL and colistin resistant bacteria in the animal production environment, thus minimizing the number and reducing the spread. Bacteriophages are bacteria-killing microorganisms that occur naturally in all environments, only targeting specific bacteria ensuring that the normal microflora is preserved. The concept of using bacteriophages to control bacteria in food and primary production in biocontrol strategies is currently advancing worldwide. The results will be used in a new biocontrol strategy against resistant bacteria in primary production and will lead to discovery of novel biological mechanisms within development of antibiotic resistance and phage-bacteria interactions. 

The project is funded by Promilleafgiftsfonden.

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