INTRALYTIX: Phage-host interaction in Campylobacter

In this project we study and reveal novel biological properties and evolutionary traits of phage-bacteria interactions of Campylobacter phages. 

We use our large collection of Campylobacter phages and C. jejuni strains and perform whole genome sequencing combined with comparative genomics, detailed in silico analyses and experimental lab work to:

1) Develop efficient sequencing methods for Campylobacter phages and improve genome annotation.

2) Identify phage receptor binding proteins and other genetic determinants related to host recognition and infection.

3) Identify novel phage resistance mechanisms in Campylobacter and counter-resistance mechanisms encoded by the phages.   

The research is supported by Intralytix, Inc. but the company has no influence on the research performed nor the results and conclusions associated with this work.

For more information please contact Assistant Professor Martine C. Holst Sørensen  

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