Photo of Elephant examinationOur research include: Molecular physiology, cardiovascular physiology, lactation physiology, metabolic physiology, physiology of skeletal muscles, paleo-biomedicine.

The word physiology is derived from the Greek words "physis" - meaning nature, and "logia" - meaning the study of. Physiology is therefore the study or science of natural or indeed, living systems, and our section uses scientific methodology to determine how organisms, organ systems, organs, cells and bio-molecules carry out the chemical or physical functions that are fundamental to living systems.

Our section covers a broad spectrum of physiological fields in terms of the research we undertake, and this knowledge is then brought to bear on the teaching we undertake, whether this is for Agricultural, Veterinary or Biotechnology students at University of Copenhagen.

Mission is to equip students at SUND and SCIENCE with the highest possible level of skills and understanding required not just for the present but also for the future; and

Vision is to advance the current understanding of health and disease through the highest possible quality research.

Research is focused around the following topics:

  • Transport physiology with a focus on the molecular basis for the transport of ions, water and nutrients
  • Factors of importance for the development, as well as consequences of cardiovascular disease and renal failure in both animals and man alike
  • Biomechanics and pain physiology
  • Comparative studies with focus on improved understanding of muscle function and development
  • Palaeo-biomedicine

Cardiovascular and Molecular Physiology
Lactation Physiology