Animal Stem Cells and Embryology

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Research Focus

The activities are focused in three projects:

  • Dog induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) models for Alzheimer’s disease (FP2, The Danish Council for Independent Research/Production and Technological Sciences). Our overall hypothesis is that that domestic (pet) dogs with naturally occurring dementia offer significant advantages to existing experimental animal models for investigating Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We develop the dog model at the cellular and molecular level by finding commonalities between disease phenotype in iPSC-derived neurons from CCD dogs and human AD patients.
  • EliteOva (Grand Solutions, Innovation Fund Denmark) develops and implements technologies for in vitro production (IVP) and genomic selection of elite embryos in Danish Holstein cattle. IVP embryos are produced from top quality eggs (oocytes) and biopsies from the embryos will be genotyped for estimation of breeding values including disease resistance and resilience as well as novel traits as feed-efficiency and methane emission.
  • EggSphere (FP1, The Danish Council for Independent Research/Natural Sciences) investigates the function of the oocyte’s nucleolus in embryonic development. The pig, in which the egg’s morphology and biology resembles its human counterpart, will be used to study the content of the nucleolus as well as the developmental competence conveyed by this structure. 


Main findings

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