The Østrup Group

Research Focus

The research group focuses on developmental biology and regenerative medicine using the pig as the main animal model. 

In the area of developmental biology we participate in projects related to brain development and intrauterine growth restriction in pigs. In addition, we perform cytogenetic analysis of selected cases of congenital malformations. 

The research within regenerative medicine focuses on skeletal diseases and wound healing. We use in vitro models based on mesenchymal stem cells to investigate the effect of biomaterials and bioactive molecules on differentiation and regeneration.  Moreover we have developed an ex vivo skin tissue model to investigate the effect of topical treatments on wound healing.

Current Projects

Feed4Life - Fodring i tidlig drægtighed skal sikre større, mere ens og mere livskraftige grise - Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrations Program (GUDP)

Selected Publications