Advisory services

Through a close collaboration with herd owners, counsellors, veterinarians, authorities, and branch organizations, we gain access to herds as well as insight into the current conditions in the business of livestock productions.

Careful gathering of reliable data has been a significant prerequisite for the success of Danish livestock production.  New technologies make it possible to monitor animal behavior in detail, even though e.g. cattle- and pig herds are increasing in size. Automatically collected data can be used to ensure the welfare and health of the animals.

In a dairy in freestall barns, even more measurements can be obtained, e.g. in connection with the examination of the milk, which is collected by the milking robots. If anything is out of the ordinary, the monitoring system will automatically detect it and alert the farmer via text message. 

The task of the researchers is to handle the enormous amounts of statistical and mathematical data, analyze and interpret those data and make them useful for practical purposes. The section has a well-established cooperation with herd owners, advisors, veterinarians, and branch organizations, such as Danish Cattle (Dansk Kvæg) and Danish Pig Production (Dansk Svineproduktion).