Molecular Veterinary Bacteriology

Research carried out in the Mol-Micro-VET group aims to find new ways to prevent and cure important bacterial diseases in animals and humans.

  • We characterize the metabolism of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and Salmonella during infection in order to find new targets for antibiotics.
  • We develop new probiotics to be used for protection against pathogenic E. coli and Enterococci in chicken.
  • We study how Salmonella interacts with the host during infection.
  • We determine the population structure, infection dynamics and pathogenicity mechanisms when ExPEC E. coli cause disease in animals
  • We characterize Pasteurella species associated with rodents and rabbits.
  • We find better ways to use antibiotics in order to minimize selection for antibiotic resistant bacteria and we study synthetic antimicrobial peptides as alternatives for antibiotics.