Pasteurellaceae associated with rodents and rabbits

Bacteria of the family Pasteurellaceae are important pathogens in production and experimental animals. While a high amount of research has been carried out with regard to production animals, we are still in the dark with regard to the occurrence of such bacteria in experimental animals.

Infection of laboratory rodents with bacteria of the Pasteurellaceae family not only affects animal welfare, but also give unexpected outcome of experiments. The diagnosis of these bacteria is usually problematic, since they are uncommon to most diagnostic laboratories.

To improve understanding of classification and identification as well as host association and virulence for rodent pathogenic members of Pasteurellaceae, strain collections are analyzed by molecular methods, including whole genome sequencing. PCR based diagnostic methods are developed based on improved understanding of the correct species boundaries, and novel virulence mechanism are suggested based on identification of genes with homology to known virulence factors of other members of Pasteurellaceae.

Scientists involved in this research are Henrik Christensen and Sadhana Adhikary