Improved diagnostics

Rapid and accurate identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacterial pathogens is of key importance for guidance of antimicrobial choice and best management of bacterial diseases at the patient and herd level. We pursue the objective of improving diagnosis of bacterial infections in both production and companion animals using a comprehensive approach ranging from optimization of diagnostic and antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods and procedures [1-3] to development of new Point-of-Care tests [4] and clinical breakpoints [5]. This is the current project in this area:

Optimizing antimicrobial susceptibility testing and treatment of mink – a PK/PD approach

Objective: to produce pharmacokinetic (PK) data for antimicrobials used in mink production, and to use these data in mathematical modelling to create (i) specific dosage regimens targeting the most common mink pathogens, and (ii) clinical breakpoints for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of mink pathogens.
PI: Peter Damborg
Scientist is charge: Amir Atabak Ronaghinia
Key collaborators: Tina Struve, Pierre-Louis Toutain, Karl Pedersen
Funding: Innovation Fund Denmark and the Danish Fur Breeder’s Association

Key references:

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