chart showing the co-evolution of selected pasteurellaceae species and their hosts

Relationship between the phylogeny of Pasteurellaceae bacteria and their hosts’ phylogeny

Co-evolution of selected Pasteurellaceae species and their hosts

Pasteurellaceae bacteria are opportunistic pathogens that appear to have evolved in close association with a broad range of vertebrate hosts. Extended knowledge about co-evolution of host and parasites will improve the understanding of fundamental evolutionary aspects of bacteria-host association and allow identification of specific mechanisms involved in pathogen evolution, immune evasion and antibiotic resistance.

The main aim of this research is to investigate co-evolution between Pasteurellaceae bacteria and their hosts, and to extend the knowledge on occurrence, diversity and host adaption of Pasteurellaceae bacteria.

We are currently investigating non-domestic host species representing a broader array of the tree of life, especially within the groups of birds, marine mammals, Paenungulata, marsupials and monotremes to further explore co-evolution.

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