Enterococcus caecorum pathogenesis

Fotoillustration af Enterococcus caecorum pathogenesis

Since early 2000s infections caused Enterococcus caecorum has emerged among broiler flocks in Europe. Enterococcus caecorum was in Spring 2015 for the first time confirmed in Danish broilers showing increased mortality. Little is known on the transmission routes and pathogenesis in both broilers and broiler parents.

The aim is to investigate different transmission routes, including vertical transmission; pathogenesis; tissue distribution; and excretion patterns in both broilers and broiler breeders through experimental infections.

The project will be carried out during 2016 and is funded by "Fjerkræafgiftsfonden"

For further information please contact Jens Peter Christensen (jpch@sund.ku.dk) or Ida Thøfner (icnt@sund.ku.dk)