Characterization of leg disorders in Danish broiler production

The primary aim of the project is to characterize common leg problems in the Danish broiler production and to identify causes to these.

Foto: Broiler legs wirh lesionsRecent years, there have been an increased number of reports of leg/motility disorders in Danish broiler flocks. The Industry has reported different clinical forms and pathologies of disorders including twisted legs and femoral head necrosis. Preliminary results by our research group confirm the occurrence of different types of disorders in the broilers.

As the problems identified according to the literature may be caused or involve several factors and no systematic investigations of the problems have been undertaken in Denmark it is considered relevant to try to estimate the magnitude of the problem and to describe which disorders actually occur in the production.

Such an investigation is needed in order to suggest prophylactic measures with the aim of reducing the occurrence of this economic and welfare problem.

Contact: Professor Jens Peter Christensen –

Funded by FAF (Fjerkræafgiftsfonden) 2013