Project work

Chitinases and chitin binding proteins as virulence factors for food-borne bacterial pathogens.
Various bachelor or master topics are offered within this topic. We focus mainly on understanding the virulence potential of Listeria and Salmonella chitinases using different model systems including a slime mould, Dictyostelium, and mammalian cell lines. We include molecular, immunological and enzymological methods in this project.

The importance of bacterial metabolism for the sensory quality of food products
Lactic acid bacteria are the main group of organisms we are interested in. We are in particular focussing on the importance of lactic acid bacteria for quality of meat products.

We are interested in the application of bacteriocins produced by lactic acid bacteria for biopreservation of foods. We have a large culture collection of lactic acid bacteria isolated from a variety of food products around the world but especially from South East Asia that has not been fully explored regarding potential bacteriocins. Thus, screening surveys would constitute parts of bachelor or masters projects within this area.

Evaluation of control programs addressing Listeria monocytogenes and other bacterial pathogen
Various bachelor or master studies are possible within this topic, including both experimental and theoretical approaches.