Project work: Section for Parasitology and Aquatic Diseases

We are always looking for students who want to do their bachelor or masters thesis project supervised by researchers from our group. We welcome students with their own ideas but are also keen to help with suggestions on relevant and interesting topics within the research and teaching areas of the group.

Aquatic Pathobiology (AQUA)

  • Innate and adaptive immune responses in fish
  • Development and test of new vaccines for aquacultured fishes
  • Oral vaccines for aquaculture
  • Zebrafish a model for human diseases
  • Zebrafish as models for diseases in aquacultured fish
  • Zoonotic parasites in fish products
  • Diseases in wild fish populations

Contact: Kurt Buchmann

Parasites and the environment (PARAENVI)

  • Snails and snail-borne parasites in Denmark
  • Anthelminthic drugs in vitro and in vivo
  • Host-parasite relationships
  • Ecological studies of intermediate host snails
  • Detection of pre-patent infections in intermediate host snails using PCR

Contact: Birgitte Jyding Vennervald, Annette Olsen

Parasitic zoonoses (PARZOO)

Students are invited to engage in projects under the heading of parasitic zoonoses and in particular the Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses. Subjects may include any of the following:

  • Toxoplasmosis in Danish meat products
  • Pathology of Taenia solium
  • Transmission of T. solium/ T. saginata
  • Burden of Neglected Zoonoses
  • Control and prevention of Neglected parasitic zoonoses

Contact: Maria Vang Johansen

Veterinary Parasitology (VETPAR)

Bachelor – topics:

  • Biological control of parasites
  • Natural anti-parasitic compounds from plants
  • Host and parasite genetics
  • Helminths as immuno-modulators
  • Toxocara spp. in dogs and cats
  • Improved diagnosis of pet parasites
  • Zoonotic Toxocara spp. infections: migratory behaviour

M.V.M. and M.Sc. – topics:

  • Er svinets lungeorm igen indslæbt til DK? / Is the pig lungworm reintroduced in Denmark?
  • Hvad betyder akutte Ascaris suum-infektioner for lungediagnostik på svin? / How does acute Ascaris suum infection influence diagnosis of respiratory disorders in pigs?
  • Hvordan forløber babesiose i kvæg på naturarealer? / What is the natural course of babesiosis in cattle in a nature reserve?
  • Virker kondenserede tanniner fra planter mod protozoer? / Do condensed tannins from plants have an effect against protozoa?
  • Er der ormemiddelresistens i dansk kvæg? / Do we have anthelmintic resistance in Danish cattle?
  • Taenia spp. ecology and transmission dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa (MSc together with ZOOPAR)

Contact: Stig Milan Thamsborg, Helena Mejer, Peter Nejsum