Phd Courses

Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences offers PhD courses in

  • general pathology
  • bioinformatics in microbiology 
  • infection microbiology
  • pharmacology
  • fish diseases
  • poultry diseases
  • laboratory animal science and welfare
  • immunology
  • microbial food safety
  • parasitology
  • special pathology

The department is involved in a number of external collaborations, including research schools, i.e. the in vivo pharmacology research school  and an external partner e.g. at the FOBI research school.

PhD coordinators are Associate Professor Ole Lerberg Nielsen and Professor Henrik Christensen

The representative for the PhD students in the PhD council is PhD stud. Per Skallerum. 

For an inspirational tour or a full list of PhD courses at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences  in English.