6. juni 2017

Graduation ceremony at the One Health specialization

Graduation Ceremony

22 proud and happy graduates received their diplomas after 15 weeks in Denmark on the One Health specialization course at University of Copenhagen on 2 June 2017.

Group pictureSince 6 March, the participants have worked alongside their Danish colleagues with special focus on health problems associated with the spread of pathogens from animals and humans. They all passed after submission of their final reports of a chosen topic within food safety.

Professor Anders Dalsgaard thanked the participants for their energetic approach and their collaborative spirit. “It has been a pleasure working with you all. I have read your reports with great interest, and I see lots of potential for your future work”, he said and continued, “Your participation was made possible through the hard work at the embassies and the Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC). We are very grateful for this opportunity to share our knowledge and expand cooperation”.

Birgit Nørrung, Head of Department at IVH, took over: “It has been nice to follow your studies. I hope you have learned not only about food safety but also about the ways we work in Denmark. I welcomed you when you started, now it is time to say goodbye. It has been a pleasure”, she said before presenting the diplomas.

Photo of department head and participant

Anders Dalsgaard called the participants one by one. We must congratulate him on his Chinese and Vietnamese pronunciations. Very impressive.

China: Columbia:
Ms Yongxing Chen Mr German Andres Vasquez Nino
Ms Yanzhi Guo Kenya:
Mr Peng Yang Mr Simon Leteipa Sikawa
Ms Jiameng Liu Mr Alex Njugi Wangeci
Mr Qingshi Meng Mr Naphtali Nguyo Kanegeni
Mexico: Ms Margaret Pennie Wanyanga Aleke
Mr Jorge Francisco Monroy Lopez Ms Josephine Natecho Simiyu
Ms Maribel Gonzalez Villa Mr Nicholas Okoth Ngode
Ms Claudia Tzompantzi Hernandez Mr Paul Richard Warigi Karanja
Mr Minh Phu Tran Ms Diem Lan Tran
Mr Thanh Trung Nguyen Mr Bao Khanh Dang
Mr Van Hoan Do Ms Thi Thu Huong Vo

Photo of department head with course participant

The ceremony took place in Konsistoriums Mødesal with participation from the University, DFC, Ms Bente Ilsøe, and the Mexican Ambassay, Ms Martha Elene F. Borcena Coqui. After presenting the diplomas, the University hosted a reception.

One Health
'One Health' is a methodological approach that implies interdisciplinary collaboration, joint efforts and communication in all aspects of veterinary and public health aiming to protect humans, animals and the environment. Danida funded the international participants.

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