30. november 2017

IVH Professor receives People’s Health Medal in Vietnam

Anders Dalsgaard, Professor in Veterinary Public Health, at Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences was awarded Vietnam’s Ministry of Health’s Memorabilia Medal on 8 November 2017.

In recognition of his contribution to research and capacity building in the food safety and health care sectors in Vietnam, Anders Dalsgaard was awarded Vietnam’s Ministry of Health’s Memorabilia Medal. The Memorabilia Medal is the country’s highest honourable medal to foreign scientists for their contribution to public health. 

At the award ceremony in Hanoi, Professor Nguyen Thanh Long, Vice Minister of Health, talked about the Danish professor’s significant involvement in Vietnam.  "Professor. Anders Dalsgaard is a reputable scientist. He has written more than 200 articles on the microbiology of water, food and sanitation. The high quality of his research work has been verified in numerous peer reviewed articles in international journals;” the Vice Minister said.

Anders Dalsgaard first came to Vietnam in 1994 to do PhD research on cholera. This was a time, when the sanitation situation in Vietnam was in severe need of improvements. From the beginning, he recognized that one way of assisting and raising sanitation standards was to build up the capacity of researchers and staff in the health, water, and sanitation sectors.

Vice Minister of Health, Professor Long congratulated Anders Dalsgaard for his efforts in capacity building the health sector.

“With the assistance from DANIDA, Professor Anders Dalsgaard has worked tirelessly to build up capacity and train staff within the areas of sanitation, food safety and health. Many of the researchers trained by him are today having important roles in the Vietnamese ministries and international organisations operating in Vietnam”, Vice Minister of Health Professor Long said.

In his acceptance speech, Anders Dalsgaard expressed his gratitude for the constructive collaboration and support by the National Institute of Hygiene Epidemiology and other colleagues and partners throughout the years.

“I would like to thank the National Institute of Hygiene Epidemiology and other institutions for their support to me and my Danish colleagues, and also to extend a thank you to the Danish Government, DANIDA and the Danish Embassy, as well as to the EU and other International organisations for their funding and support over time”, he said.

Present at the event was Anders Dalgaard’s long-time colleague and research partner Phung Dac Cam, Professor in Medicine at National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. He and Dalgaard’s former and current students expressed their sincere thanks to the Danish Professor for his dedicated collaboration, guidance and support.