18. december 2017

Safe Pig Production - on the move

They have been in the labs, in the stables,  at the school bench, in the abattoirs.
And on 14 December 20 participants from four countries were ready to share their experiences.
After 12 weeks in Denmark, the 20 participants from China, Columbia, Mexico and Vietnam successfully completed the course “Safe Pig Production from Farm to Fork”. During their 3 months stay the participants have learned about safe and sustainable production of pigs. The production chain using the Danish experience as a model.

The course included a number of lectures and cases provided by University of Copenhagen staff and experts from the Veterinary and Food Administration and the Agriculture and Food Council. Part of the course was practical with several field visit were made e.g. to pig farms and slaughter houses.  

The participants prepared individual reports and discussed the problems and challenges faced by the pig sector in their home countries. Their reports were presented at a poster session where Mr. Van Hau Nguyen from Vietnam won the prize for the best poster!


At the closing ceremony, Head of Department Birgit Nørrung presented the course diplomas and afterwards the participants took part in the traditional Danish Christmas luncheon.