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21. november 2017

Successful "Research Day" in Taastrup

On November 14th, around 100 attendants participated in the Research Day at the Large Animal Teaching Hospital in Taastrup.

At 10:00 School Director of the Vetschool Hans Henrik Dietz bid the participants welcome to this yearly event where focus was put on the PhD projects and newest research in different veterinary areas.

The day was divided into to different parts starting with a session of speed talks by several PhD students (Mira Willkan, Mette Bisgaard Petersen, Janne Graaup Lyngby, Eva Zander Hesselkilde, Amir Atabak Ronaghinia, Line Svennesen, Anna Kildemoes).

In just 5 minutes the students should present their project and also leave time for up to two questions from the listening crowd in the packed auditorium.

After the speed talks were finished, a poster walk was arranged where a total of 26 posters were placed and ready for investigation. There was a lot of interest for the different projects shown in these posters and it was a beneficial time for both presenter and observer.

After lunch there was a surprise for the attendants. An honorary medal in gold were to be presented to Torben Greve for among other his work in the field of veterinary reproduction. See the separate story about this event.

The afternoon contained 7 different tracks of research, which were:

  • CPH-Pig (Jens Peter Nielsen)
  • CPH-Cattle (Liza Rosenbaum)
  • Companion animals (Mette Berendt)
  • Biomedicine (Poul Hyttel)
  • CPH-Mink (Connie Frank Matthiesen)
  • Horses (Rikke Buhl)
  • Poultry (Jens Peter Christensen) 

In these sessions the participants were presented with the newest research and the challenges of the specific research area.