9. juli 2018

EFSA's new scientific panels elect chairs

Following a three-day ‘science fair’ of talks, meetings and interactive sessions, over 170 scientific experts selected for EFSA’s 10 scientific panels have elected their chairs and started their work. 

Dr Juliane Kleiner, acting Head of Risk Assessment and Scientific Assistance, said: “I’m really pleased to welcome our new panel members to Parma this week. The programme we’ve laid on was designed to quickly bring them up to speed on how EFSA works and what we expect of them. All the Panels have busy work plans so it’s important that they hit the ground running.” 

Chairs elected

All 10 panels have elected a chair and two vice-chairs to steer their work over the next three years. The chairs are also members of the EFSA Scientific Committee, which met briefly yesterday and will elect a chair and vice-chairs at its first full plenary meeting in September.

Panel Chair Vice-chairs

Additives and products or
substances used in animal feed

Vasileios Bampidis Giovanna Azimonti
Roberto Villa
Animal health and welfare Søren Saxmose Nielsen Virginie Michel
Miguel Angel Miranda
Biological hazards Kostantinos Koutsoumanis Ana Allende
Lieve Herman
Contaminants in the food chain Dieter Schrenk Heather Wallace
Christer Hogstrand
Food additives and flavourings Maged Younes Wim Mennes
Maria Jose Frutos Fernandez
Food contact materials, enzymes
and processing aids
Vittorio Silano Henk van Loveren
Alicja Mortensen
Genetically modified organisms Hanspeter Naegeli Tamas Dalmay
Nils Rostoks
Nutrition, novel food and food
Dominique Turck Androniki Naska
Harry McArdle
Plant health Claude Bragard Jonathan Yuen
Francesco Di Serio
Plant protection products and their residues Hernandez Jerez Antonio Silvia Pieper
Christopher Topping

The EU Food Law, which established the EFSA, requires the renewal of the Scientific Committee and the panels every three years. This year EFSA is renewing all 10 scientific panels simultaneously for the first time.