7. marts 2018

Impact of Mootral on rumen digestion

The challenge.

Population growth, climate change and the associated pressure on land for human food production has led to an increased interest to explore opportunities of feed additives to reduce methane.

The impact of the new commercial product Mootral was tested to investigate the composition of the gas produced during digestion and how the rumen digests feed with or without this additive.

Mootral was tested in two feeds with different carbohydrate composition: maize silage with soybean cake and sugar beet pulp. The trial was done using the in-vitro gas production method (AnkomRF Technology), rumen fluid and a buffer solution (Menke and Steingass, 1988) as inoculum, collection of all gas produced after 48 hours and determination of the gas composition by gas chromatography. When using this method, the volume of gas released during fermentation is an indicator of sample degradation. 

Mootral shows promise for reducing methane production without decreasing digestibility. 

See some results, conclusions and references from the presentation poster

Presented by the company on Kvægkongressen i Herning, 27. februar 2018.

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