7. december 2018

Looking for a MSc Thesis?

Master's thesis

If you are looking for an MSc thesis project. If you like to work in the laboratory with international researchers and fellow students? Perhaps you should not stop here but keep on reading.

We are a multidisciplinary research team from Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Department of Food Science.We are looking for students to work with us on the differences of protein and fat between milk and non-dairy milk alternatives.

The project 
This project will improve your laboratory skills and give you scientific methodological approach training.

In the process you will learn the codes behind the labeling of milk and non-dairy beverages. At the end of your project your contribution will become part of a  scientific publication?

This is a unique study that will give you the opportunity to understand the food chain from two perspectives: primary production (animal and plant sciences) and the nutritional quality of final products (food sciences).

If this sounds interesting please contact us for more information:

DVM PhD Einar Vargas-Bello-Pérez evargasb@sund.ku.d