11. januar 2019

PhD Course: “Introduction to Modelling of Disease Spread and Control”

PhD Courses

Simulation modeling is an approach often used in the veterinary and human medicine for modeling disease spread and control. The four international instructors will make sure your time is well spent.

The target group is post-graduate students in veterinary and medical infectious diseases fields. The course will focus on fundamental concepts in modeling. It will teach the student how to structure a system into a simulation model and the fundamental aspects, which must be considered when building a simulation model of disease spread. The student will learn how to model diseases using SIS, SIR and SEIR infection model structures. Students will be introduced to modelling using difference and differential equations as well as mechanistic modelling. An important part of simulation is how to present model results in a clear and coherent way. Students will learn how to collect the results either during the simulations or after, and to present them in tables and graphics.

ECTS points: 5

How: E-learning and on-site lectures, computer exercises and group work.


  • 1 week off-site self-study (during 3—21 June 2019) 1 week of on-site teaching including lectures and group work (24-28 June 2019)
  • 1 week off-site work on own project (1-5 July 2019) Assessment: Evaluation of an assignment

Where: Camperdown Campus and on-line

Fee: AUD 500

Learn MORE about the course and how to register, or contact Professor Michael Ward, michael.ward@sydney.edu.au.