Research committee

The research committee contribute to activities at department level that are of strategic importance to develop a dynamic research environment, valuable infrastructure, research management and career development with the aim to increase quality and impact of our research. 

We achieve this by

  • Organizing cross-sectional activities to support research collaboration and develop a dynamic research environment
  • Preparing the basis for the annual research group evaluation and communicate about this to the employees and the leader group
  • Supporting development and implementation of goals and action plans of the Department within the area of research
  • Supporting development and implementation of the Department research strategy
  • Advising and suggesting activities that support research and research management
  • Advising on principles for career development for scientific staff
  • Advising on Campus plans influencing research activities
  • Identifying new areas that influence our overall objective 

Composition and organization

The Research Committee is composed of one representative from each section appointed by the Head of Section. The Chairperson is appointed among members by the Head of Department. We refer to the Head of Department and the Leader group. 

Current members

  • Chairperson: Lone Brøndsted (Food Safety and Zoonoses)
  • Rikke Heidemann Olsen (Veterinary Clinical Microbiology)
  • Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen (Experimental Animal Models)
  • Kristine Freude (Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology)
  • Duc Ninh Nugyen (Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition)
  • Birgitte Vennervald (Parasitology and Aquatic Diseases)
  • Maya Katrin Gussmann (Animal Welfare and Disease Control)
  • Jan Gorodkin (Bioinformatics)
  • Inge Larsen (Animal Production, Nutrition and Health)

Secretary for the committee: Peter Rekve, e-mail: