Jørgen Leisner

Jørgen Leisner

Associate Professor

I am a biologist by education that have specialized in food microbiology. My research areas are:

•Chitinases and chitin binding proteins as virulence factors for food-borne bacterial pathogens. Traditionally these enzymes and proteins have been viewed as tools for bacterial survival in the environment due to the ubiquitous distribution of chitin.

•The importance of bacterial metabolism for the sensory quality of food products. I am in particular looking at lactic acid bacteria as potential spoilage organisms.

•Antibiotic resistance as a tool for bacterial survival. The hypothesis is that antibiotic resistance is of importance in relation to nutrition bottlenecks during the stationary growth phase.

•I also work on other aspects of food microbiology e.g. in relation to monitoring presence of bacterial pathogens during food processing as well as the application of bacteriocins (antimicrobial peptides) produced by lactic acid bacteria for biopreservation of foods.

 I accept bachelor and master students in all of the areas above.

ID: 4225300