Employees at IVH

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Aagaard, Katrine Wedel Laboratory Technician +4535332766 E-mail
Aalbæk, Bent Associate Professor Emeritus +4535332781 E-mail
Aasted, Bent External +4535332727 E-mail
Abdi, Ramla Bashe Mohamed Research Assistant   E-mail
Abrahamsson, Jack Åke Harry PhD Fellow   E-mail
Agersø, Yvonne Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Agger, Jens Frederik Gramstrup Teaching Associate Professor +4535333013 E-mail
Ahnfeldt, Agnethe May Guest Researcher +4535328159 E-mail
Akram, Haris Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Al-Saeedi, Tahseen Abbood Suwaihi PhD Student   E-mail
Alam, Samra Finance Officer +4535326413 E-mail
Allahghadry, Toloe Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Alsted, Nadja PhD Fellow +4535325687 E-mail
Alves Neves, Andre Luis Associate Professor +4535331580 E-mail
Andersen, Bent-Ole Communications Officer +4535333618 E-mail
Andersen, Betina Gjedsted Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535336737 E-mail
Andersen, Frederik Attendant FU +4535336735 E-mail
Andersen, Katrine Bülow Randløv Teacher´s Assistant +4535328918 E-mail
Andersen, Kirsten Grønlund Section Secretary +4535331401 E-mail
Andersen, Kirsten Lise Research Consultant +4535336331 E-mail
Andersen, Laura Simone Laboratory Technician Trainee +4535321065 E-mail
Andersen, Sofie Amalie Flintholm Research Assistant +4535328744 E-mail
Andresen, Lars Special Consultant +4535332652 E-mail
Anthon, Christian Systems Administrator +4521510929 E-mail
Apenteng, Ofosuhene Okofrobour Assistant Professor +4535325466 E-mail
Axel, Anne Marie Dixen Attendant FU +4535322208 E-mail
Bak, Bastian Kjærulff Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Barfod, Kenneth Klingenberg External +4535325208 E-mail
Barington, Kristiane Associate Professor +4535333112 E-mail
Barkhordari, Aref Guest Researcher   E-mail
Becker, Cecilie Brandt PhD Fellow +4535337580 E-mail
Bedsted, Amalie Ehlers PhD Fellow +4535322562 E-mail
Bejaoui, Semeh External, Ph.d Student +4535336225 E-mail
Bejder, Benjamin Svejdal Visiting PhD Student +4535336567 E-mail
Belsham, Graham John Professor +4535334565 E-mail
Bergholdt, Cecilie Linnea Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Bertelsen, Mads Frost Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Bhatta, Tarka Raj External   E-mail
Birch, Julie Knippel Melsted Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535334728 E-mail
Birk, Amanda Øpstun Research Assistant +4535335431 E-mail
Bjerg, Bjarne Schmidt Associate Professor +4535333586 E-mail
Bjerrum, Anders Senior Consultant +4535324654 E-mail
Blirup-Plum, Sophie Amalie PhD Fellow +4535331513 E-mail
Blok-Husum, Emma Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Blokhus, Lea Esbjørn Finance Coordinator +4535336335 E-mail
Bojer, Martin Saxtorph Special Consultant +4535332053 E-mail
Bojesen, Anders Miki Professor +4523844188 E-mail
Boklund, Anette Ella Associate Professor +4535330847 E-mail
Bouquet, Alban Etienne René Visiting Student   E-mail
Bowring, Janine Zara Assistant Professor +4535336318 E-mail
Brichet, Nathalia Associate Professor +4535337814 E-mail
Brok, Dennis Attendant FU +4535333101 E-mail
Brummerstedt-Madsen, Christian Research Assistant   E-mail
Brunse, Anders Assistant Professor +4535337262 E-mail
Bruun, Camilla Vibeke Sichlau Associate Professor +4535333067 E-mail
Bruun, Carl Sichlau Laboratory Technician +4535325103 E-mail
Brøndsted, Lone Professor +4535332756 E-mail
Buchmann, Kurt Professor +4535332700 E-mail
Byskov, Emma Smedsgaard PhD Fellow +4535331620 E-mail
Bæk, Ole Postdoc +4535330104 E-mail
Bækgård, Cecilie PhD Fellow +4535326909 E-mail
Bødker, René Senior Researcher +4535325262 E-mail
Bøjer, Emma Feline Wimdrup Master-Student   E-mail
Bøtner, Anette Gleitze External +4535330991 E-mail
Bülow, René Engelbrecht Attendant OAO +4535332752 E-mail
Callø, Kirstine Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4561666402 E-mail
Canuti, Marta Assistant Professor +4535327683 E-mail
Carrillo Heredero, Alicia Maria Visitor   E-mail
Casado Rodriguez, Angel Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Chandrasekaran, Abinaya Assistant Professor +4535328080 E-mail
Chang, You Postdoc +4535331956 E-mail
Christensen, Diana Krosby Administrative Officer +4535325564 E-mail
Christensen, Henrik Associate Professor +4535332783 E-mail
Christensen, Jens Peter Professor with special responsibilities +4535332748 E-mail
Christensen, Knud Arnbjerg Associate Professor Emerita +4524804179 E-mail
Christensen, Vibeke Brix Associate Professor   E-mail
Christensen, Vibeke Grøsfjeld Laboratory Technician +4535332562 E-mail
Christiansen, Anni Laboratory Technician +4535330760 E-mail
Christiansen, Line Iadsatian External, Ph.d Student +4535330359 E-mail
Christiansen, Lise-Lotte Laboratory Technician +4535332747 E-mail
Christiansen, Mette Bakhaj Laboratory Technician Trainee +4535331961 E-mail
Christiansen, Stine B. Senior Consultant +4535333075 E-mail
Chwalibog, André Emeritus +4535333044 E-mail
Cilieborg, Malene Skovsted Project Coordinator +4535333631 E-mail
Cirera, Susanna Associate Professor +4535333050 E-mail
Clementsen, Aron Lukas Benzon Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Conrady, Beate Associate Professor +4535322309 E-mail
Corneliussen, Niels Munch Academic Staff   E-mail
Corral Yélamos, Carolina Nerea Research Assistant +4535334575 E-mail
Czycholl, Irena Associate Professor +4535329677 E-mail
Dalsgaard, Anders Professor +4535332720 E-mail
Damborg, Peter Panduro Associate Professor +4535332702 E-mail
Danborg-Aamand, Katrine Marie Attendant FU +4535323022 E-mail
Demircan, Gül Sude PhD Fellow +4535325880 E-mail
Denwood, Matt Professor +4535332307 E-mail
Devett, Hanne Research Secretary +4535326068 E-mail
Dhakal, Rajan Guest Researcher +4535332584 E-mail
Dietz, Hans Henrik Emeritus +4521497090 E-mail
Dittlau, Katarina Stoklund Postdoc +4535320635 E-mail
Duan, Yajiao Postdoc +4535325382 E-mail
Dyre, Røsle Elisabeth Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Eger, Elias Guest Researcher   E-mail
Eiersted, Anna Cecilie Boldt Laboratory Technician +4535337069 E-mail
Elbrønd (Bibs), Vibeke Sødring Associate Professor +4535332548 E-mail
Ellegård, Elisabeth Agerschou External   E-mail
Enevoldsen, Sara PhD Fellow   E-mail
Erickson, Vera Irene External, Ph.d Student +4535325009 E-mail
Eriksen, Danny Blichfeldt Research Assistant +4541311201 E-mail
Eriksson, Kari Bækgaard PhD Fellow +4535327185 E-mail
Espersen, Barbara Monika Drabik External   E-mail
Faalmaleki, Mahdi Postdoc +4535327611 E-mail
Farlov, Helene Animal Keeper +4535333115 E-mail
Farooq, Rimsha PhD Student   E-mail
Farra, Dima PhD Fellow +4535325222 E-mail
Farre, Anders Michael No job title VIP +4535327220 E-mail
Fei, Xiao Postdoc +4535320713 E-mail
Feilberg, Astrid Lund PhD Fellow +4535324784 E-mail
Fernandez Gonzalez, Carlota Marola Research Assistant +4535328581 E-mail
Fisher, Ayoe Daubjerg Student Assistant   E-mail
Flyger, Christoffer Kirkelund PhD Fellow   E-mail
Forkman, Björn Professor +4535333581 E-mail
Forslund, Anita No job title   E-mail
Frederiksen, Henriette Reventlow S External, Ph.d Student +4535336165 E-mail
Frederiksen, Henriette Reventlow S Postdoc +4535336165 E-mail
Fredholm, Merete Professor +4535333074 E-mail
Frees, Dorte Associate Professor +4535332719 E-mail
Freude, Kristine Professor +4535330937 E-mail
Frøkiær, Hanne Professor +4535333150 E-mail
Frøsig, Lauritz Johannes Master Student   E-mail
Fulaz Silva, Stephanie Assistant Professor +4535336376 E-mail
Furmanowsky, Lara-Seline PhD Fellow +4535327699 E-mail
Gad, Mathilde Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Gambino, Michela External +4552816501 E-mail
Gao, Fei Associate Professor   E-mail
Garbuio, Manuel Guest Researcher   E-mail
Gassent Jiménez, Clara Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Geissler, Adrian Sven Postdoc   E-mail
Gelskov, Sara Vebæk Research Assistant +4522877969 E-mail
George, Sophie Joanna Research Assistant   E-mail
Giarratana, Lily Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Glavind, Anne-Sofie External, Ph.d Student +4535337997 E-mail
Godtfredsen, Sissel Johanne Guest Researcher   E-mail
Goecke, Nicole Bakkegård Assistant Professor +4535327222 E-mail
Goncalves Pereira, Laura PhD Fellow +4535324684 E-mail
Gorodkin, Jan Professor +4523375667 E-mail
Gradel, Anna Katrina Jógvansdóttir Postdoc +4535321554 E-mail
Greve, Nanna Boll Research Assistant +4535327774 E-mail
Grissa, Dhouha Assistant Professor +4535326237 E-mail
Grycel, Katarzyna External Postdoc   E-mail
Grønnegaard, Nina Dam Laboratory Technician +4535328312 E-mail
Guardabassi, Luca Professor   E-mail
Guerra, Priscila Regina Postdoc +4535323329 E-mail
Guldbrandtsen, Bernt Visitor +4535334784 E-mail
Gulmann, Adam Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Gussmann, Maya Katrin Special Consultant +4535337510 E-mail
Gárate Rodríguez, Mireska Thalía Bachelor student   E-mail
Habibolahi, Fatemeh PhD Fellow +4535328236 E-mail
Hakansson, Franziska Postdoc +4535336664 E-mail
Hald, Jonas Laugård PhD Fellow +4535328983 E-mail
Halgirsson, Brandur Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Hall, Vanessa Jane Associate Professor +4535332512 E-mail
Hammer, Anne Sofie Vedsted Associate Professor +4535333129 E-mail
Han, Xueer Enrolled PhD Student +4535329694 E-mail
Hanegård, Manja Laboratory Technician +4535336478 E-mail
Hansen, Axel Kornerup Professor +4535332726 E-mail
Hansen, Camilla Hartmann Friis Associate Professor +4535333756 E-mail
Hansen, Hanne Helene Part-time Lecturer +4535333083 E-mail
Hansen, Line Sofia Nordahl Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Hansen, Louise Søgaard External   E-mail
Hansen, Marie Høy Research Assistant +4535325883 E-mail
Hansen, Marie-Louise Elisabeth L PhD Fellow +4535337265 E-mail
Hansen, Mette Sif Associate Professor +4535326468 E-mail
Hansen, Peter Liingaard Research Assistant   E-mail
Hansen, Tina Vicky Alstrup Associate Professor +4535332788 E-mail
Hansen, Vibeke Bøgelund Attendant +4523828066 E-mail
Harpf, Verena Elke Postdoc +4535332315 E-mail
Harrison, Adrian Paul Associate Professor +4561462732 E-mail
Hartmann, Katrine Top PhD Fellow +4535331206 E-mail
Hashemi, Azam Administrative Officer +4535327780 E-mail
Hastrup, Kristian Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Havgaard, Jakob Hull Associate Professor +4535320139 E-mail
Helstad, Bjørg Skovmand Research Assistant   E-mail
Henard, Cyril Pierre Frederic PhD Fellow +4535323641 E-mail
Henningsen, Maj Beldring External, Ph.d Student +4535323708 E-mail
Henriksen, Camilla External +4535333786 E-mail
Henriksen, Ida Wang External, Ph.d Student +4535326718 E-mail
Henriksen, Nicole Lind Postdoc +4535336506 E-mail
Hinrichsen, Caroline Ignatz Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Hinrichsen, Caroline Ignatz Attendant FU   E-mail
Holgersen, Kristine Postdoc +4535334875 E-mail
Holm, Peter Associate Professor Emeritus +4535332885 E-mail
Houe, Hans Professor +4535333014 E-mail
Hvidtfeldt, Esther Johanne Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Ibragimov, Emil Postdoc +4535332440 E-mail
Imran, Fareeha Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Ingmer, Hanne Professor +4522159518 E-mail
Jaafar, Rzgar Attendant FU +4535333137 E-mail
Jacobsen, Emilie Sofie Sølyng Student +4535327726 E-mail
Jacquerot, Therese Hoffmann Attendant FU   E-mail
Jakobsen, Emil D.T. Laboratory Technician +4535327693 E-mail
Jakobsen, Minna Laboratory Technician +4528756961 E-mail
Jakobsen, Nadia PhD Fellow +4535327123 E-mail
Jakobsen, Sine Stricker External, Ph.d Student +4535326280 E-mail
Jensen, Anders Juel Attendant FU +4535327975 E-mail
Jensen, Anne Majgaard PhD Fellow +4535328540 E-mail
Jensen, Betina Wingreen Special Consultant +4535334704 E-mail
Jensen, Betina Wingreen External Consultant +4535334704 E-mail
Jensen, Caroline Research Assistant +4535329682 E-mail
Jensen, Dan Børge Associate Professor +4535333021 E-mail
Jensen, Dennis Schultz Attendant +4540472789 E-mail
Jensen, Hannah Malene Guest Researcher +4535334790 E-mail
Jensen, Helene Ane PhD Fellow   E-mail
Jensen, Henrik Elvang Professor +4535333100 E-mail
Jensen, Jan Lykke Attendant +4523828065 E-mail
Jensen, Lars Jørn Associate Professor +4535332563 E-mail
Jensen, Louise Kruse Professor +4535336192 E-mail
Jensen, Penille External, Ph.d Student +4535321521 E-mail
Jensen, Rasmus Bovbjerg Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Jensen, Tim Kåre Senior Adviser +4593565283 E-mail
Jensen, Vibeke Forsstrøm Head of Administration +4535336337 E-mail
Jepsen, Ditte Goldschmidt Attendant FU +4535329582 E-mail
Jepsen, Milla Cecilie Laboratory Assistant +4535331779 E-mail
Jepsen, Stine Dam External, Ph.d Student +4535334327 E-mail
Jiang, Ping-Ping Associate Professor +4535324364 E-mail
Johannsen, Malene Louise External, Ph.d Student +4535323588 E-mail
Johnsen, Julie Riisberg External   E-mail
Johnsen, Peter Riber PhD Fellow +4535320014 E-mail
Jørgensen, Claus Bøttcher Associate Professor +4535333064 E-mail
Jørgensen, Louise von Gersdorff Associate Professor +4535332769 E-mail
Jørgensen, Mads Neergaard Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Kadlecová, Marion PhD Fellow +4535332030 E-mail
Kania, Per Associate Professor +4535332740 E-mail
Karlskov-Mortensen, Peter Associate Professor +4535333430 E-mail
Karlsson, Britta Laboratory Technician +4535324637 E-mail
Kern, Kisha Sårde Attendant FU +4535329329 E-mail
Kirkeby, Carsten Thure Senior Researcher +4535337215 E-mail
Kjær, Lene Jung Associate Professor +4535337290 E-mail
Klabunde, Björn Postdoc +4535328334 E-mail
Klein-Ipsen, Pernille PhD Fellow +4535329678 E-mail
Klikovich, Mikala Katalin External   E-mail
Klærke, Dan Arne Professor +4535332511 E-mail
Kofod, Laura Benoni Academic Staff +4535329970 E-mail
Korzen, Selma Beck Student Assistant   E-mail
Kragelund Strøm, Helene No job title VIP +4535336762 E-mail
Kragh, Benedicte Section Secretary +4535333105 E-mail
Kristensen, Anders Ringgaard Professor +4535333091 E-mail
Kristensen, Jeanette PhD Fellow +4535334415 E-mail
Kristensen, Tanja Laboratory Technician +4535336394 E-mail
Kristensen, Thea External +4535326340 E-mail
Kristiansen, Louise Spanggaard Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Kromann, Sofie Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535326918 E-mail
Kronborg, Simone Preparation Maker   E-mail
Kruse, Amanda Brinch Assistant Professor +4535332870 E-mail
Krömker, Volker Professor +4535322291 E-mail
Kumas, Kaan Research Assistant   E-mail
Kvisgaard, Lise Kirstine Visitor +4535321617 E-mail
Kyrkou, Ifigeneia Postdoc +4535324826 E-mail
Larsen, Caroline Master Thesis Student +4535336136 E-mail
Larsen, Charlotte Winberg Attendant +4535333165 E-mail
Larsen, Christina Postdoc +4535335594 E-mail
Larsen, Inge Associate Professor +4593509552 E-mail
Larsen, Jesper Professor   E-mail
Larsen, Kristina Kjær Laboratory Technician. +4535326618 E-mail
Larsen, Lars Erik Professor +4535332329 E-mail
Lastein, Dorte Bay Teaching Associate Professor +4535332732 E-mail
Lausten, Marie Sandholdt Teacher´s Assistant +4535329738 E-mail
Lazov, Christina Marie External +4535324673 E-mail
Lehmann, Esther Postdoc +4535324248 E-mail
Leifsson, Páll Skúli Associate Professor +4535333114 E-mail
Leisner, Jørgen Associate Professor +4535332768 E-mail
Leon Quezada, Rayen Ignacia Postdoc +4535335418 E-mail
Li, Hanxi Visitor   E-mail
Li, Yanqi Associate Professor +4535331099 E-mail
Liang, Buwen PhD Fellow +4535334069 E-mail
Liang, Yuan Postdoc +4535337865 E-mail
Lindberg, Lucas Alexander Teacher´s Assistant +4535324987 E-mail
Liu, Yangfan PhD Fellow +4535323023 E-mail
Lotze, Sisse Research Assistant   E-mail
Luigi, Maria Postdoc +4535323354 E-mail
Lund, Vibe Pedersen PhD Fellow +4535334283 E-mail
Lundh, Rosa Melanie Maria Student +4535327189 E-mail
Lutz, Veronika Theresa Postdoc   E-mail
Lyderik, Kimmie Kyed Research Assistant +4535335092 E-mail
Lyhne, Mille Kronborg External, Ph.d Student +4522421295 E-mail
Lykkesfeldt, Jens Professor +4535333163 E-mail
Lynge, Tenna Mie Attendant FU +4535322696 E-mail
Lützen, Annika Thorup Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Lützhøft, Ditte Olsen External, Ph.d Student +4520779149 E-mail
Ma, Yibing PhD Fellow +4535322210 E-mail
Madelung, Peter Research Consultant +4535329610 E-mail
Madsen, Henry Emeritus +4571579300 E-mail
Madsen, Johannes Gulmann Associate Professor +4535331040 E-mail
Madsen, Mogens Special Consultant +4535324338 E-mail
Mahler, Tina Bahrt Neergaard Laboratory Technician. +4528756961 E-mail
Mandel Briefer, Roi Assistant Professor   E-mail
Marana, Moonika Haahr External Postdoc +4535333127 E-mail
Markvardsen, Mathilde Bender Research Assistant   E-mail
Martinenghi, Laura Daniela PhD Fellow +4535325480 E-mail
Martiny, Karen PhD Fellow +4535322266 E-mail
Maschek, Sina PhD Fellow   E-mail
Mathiessen, Heidi PhD Fellow +4535335452 E-mail
Mebus, Viktor Hundtofte External, Ph.d Student +4535321484 E-mail
Mehlsen, Anni Laboratory Technician +4535336749 E-mail
Mejer, Helena Senior Adviser +4535332789 E-mail
Mendes Galante Merca, Carolina PhD Fellow +4535325515 E-mail
Mentzel, Caroline M. Junker Guest Researcher +4535336787 E-mail
Meyer, Iben Assistant Professor +4523983879 E-mail
Mezzadri, Elisa Research Fellow   E-mail
Michelsen, Anne Marie Academic Research Staff +4535322475 E-mail
Mohamed, Fadumo Abdullahi PhD Fellow +4535325198 E-mail
Mohammadkarami, Asma Postdoc +4535337095 E-mail
Moodley, Arshnee Associate Professor +4535332711 E-mail
Morsing, Malene Kjelin Postdoc +4535325375 E-mail
Mortensen, Frederikke Uldall Fløe PhD Fellow +4535323758 E-mail
Moussa, Jennifer PhD Student   E-mail
Muk (Mudi), Tik Guest Researcher +4535332272 E-mail
Myhill, Laura Jessica Assistant Professor +4535333098 E-mail
Månsson, Nadja Finance Officer +4535337953 E-mail
Mølbak, Kåre Professor   E-mail
Møller, Steffen Kjær Hemmingsen Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Møller-Petersen, Mathilde Luth Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Nauta, Maarten Johannes Visiting Teacher   E-mail
Neale, Emma Marie Student Assistant   E-mail
Nelander, Mette Animal Keeper +4535333770 E-mail
Nguyen, Duc Ninh Associate Professor +4535333250 E-mail
Nguyen, Vi Phuong Thi Laboratory Technician +4535336426 E-mail
Nielsen, Andreas Kalis Kamper Attendant FU +4535327829 E-mail
Nielsen, Camilla Kirketerp Assistant Professor +4527143148 E-mail
Nielsen, Cecilie Maria Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Nielsen, Jens Peter Professor +4535333583 E-mail
Nielsen, Liza Rosenbaum Professor +4535333015 E-mail
Nielsen, Maja-Louise Beck Student +4535330630 E-mail
Nielsen, Seline Falk Master-Student   E-mail
Nielsen, Søren Saxmose Professor +4535333096 E-mail
Niemann, Mads Jacob External, Ph.d Student +4535322300 E-mail
Nisar, Sajid PhD Student +4535323666 E-mail
Normann, Annika Museum Conservator +4535336007 E-mail
Normann, Preben Laboratory Technician +4535330117 E-mail
Nørby, Gabriela Koralline External +4535323866 E-mail
Nørgaard, Peder Teaching Associate Professor +4535333033 E-mail
Nørrung, Birgit Head of Department +4535327390 E-mail
Oakman, Jeanne Talchow Research Group Secretary +4535333585 E-mail
Offersen, Simone Margaard Research Assistant +4535334432 E-mail
Olesen, Sasja Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Olsen, Abbey Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535335675 E-mail
Olsen, Carrie Susy Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535323506 E-mail
Olsen, Cecilie Laboratory Technician Trainee +4535335073 E-mail
Olsen, John Elmerdahl Professor +4535332784 E-mail
Olsen, Lea Schønberg Administrative Officer +4535329491 E-mail
Olsen, Lisbeth Høier Professor +4535333175 E-mail
Olsen, Rikke Heidemann Associate Professor +4535336431 E-mail
Oskarsson, Chichi N. Laboratory Technician. +4535332288 E-mail
Otten, Nina Dam Associate Professor +4535331520 E-mail
Ottens, Nora Section Secretary +4535332722 E-mail
Ovesen, Maibritt Træholt Veterinarian +4535330362 E-mail
Pan, Geng PhD Fellow +4535329241 E-mail
Pankratova, Stanislava Associate Professor +4535335256 E-mail
Pedersen, Amalie Camilla PhD Fellow +4535323865 E-mail
Pedersen, Anni Øyan Associate Professor +4535332097 E-mail
Pedersen, Frederik Haaber Junge PhD Marie Curie +4535322219 E-mail
Pedersen, Kamilla PhD Student +4530126941 E-mail
Pedersen, Kasper PhD Fellow +4535323730 E-mail
Pedersen, Ken Steen Associate Professor +4530576336 E-mail
Pedersen, Meline Bella Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Peterlin, Anton Alexander Nolte PhD Fellow +4535329486 E-mail
Petersen, Elisabeth Wairimu Laboratory Technician +4535336757 E-mail
Petersen, Gitte Laboratory Technician +4535336441 E-mail
Petersen, Ida Birkjær Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Petersen, Johanne Essy Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Petersen, Laura Colsted Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Petersen, Louise Hedegaard Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Petersen, Mette Marcher Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Petric, Philipp Peter Postdoc +4535331118 E-mail
Pihl, Maria Laboratory Technician +4522496408 E-mail
Pil, Evelyn Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Pingel, Jessica Visitor +4535327338 E-mail
Pinheiro Marques, Ana Rita Postdoc +4535323361 E-mail
Possa de Menezes, Mareliza Visitor   E-mail
Poulsen, Louise Ladefoged Associate Professor +4535321295 E-mail
Povlsen, Jane Connie Animal Keeper +4535331452 E-mail
Proschowsky, Helle Friis Associate Professor +4535327895 E-mail
Quaade, Michelle Lauge Research Assistant +4535334685 E-mail
Rahmani, Arash Master Student   E-mail
Ralbovszki, Dorottya Maria PhD Fellow +4535325434 E-mail
Rasmussen, Ida Dalberg Attendant FU +4535337272 E-mail
Rasmussen, Martin Bo External, Ph.d Student +4535330720 E-mail
Rasmussen, Philip Assistant Professor +4535329423 E-mail
Rasmussen, Sofie Kaas Research Assistant +4535324082 E-mail
Rauer, Carl-Emil Risum Attendant FU +4535336211 E-mail
Raza, Ali Assistant Professor +4535326893 E-mail
Rebbe, Dorte Teacher, external   E-mail
Reimann, Maria Josefine Ubbe Guest Researcher +4535333179 E-mail
Reimert, Mossa Merhi PhD Fellow +4535324135 E-mail
Rekve, Peter Academic Staff +4535332893 E-mail
Ribeiro Pereira, Luiz Gustavo Associate Professor +4535323896 E-mail
Rogersen, Jonathan Rahlff External +4535325694 E-mail
Romar, Mathias PhD Fellow +4535333553 E-mail
Rosendal, Rikke Student Assistant +4535321364 E-mail
Rotovnik, Rosalina Research Assistant   E-mail
Rydal, Martin Peter Postdoc +4535326111 E-mail
Ryt-Hansen, Pia Postdoc +4535334530 E-mail
Ryttov, Dan Friis Laboratory Technician +4535336531 E-mail
Saabye, Sara Dalhoff Laboratory Assistant +4535321509 E-mail
Sangild, Per Torp Professor +4535332698 E-mail
Saruhanian, Sarkis External, Ph.d Student +4535327472 E-mail
Sato, Helena PhD Fellow   E-mail
Schauser, Kirsten External   E-mail
Schläger, Zita Finance Officer +4535327510 E-mail
Schmidt, Marianne Viuf Agerlin PhD Fellow +4535333043 E-mail
Schwoon, Marvin Leon Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Seemann, Ernst Stefan Associate Professor +4535326776 E-mail
Selnihhin, Denis Postdoc +4535325489 E-mail
Sembach, Lasse Emil External, Ph.d Student +4535332312 E-mail
Sengupta, Mita Eva Assistant Professor +4535331418 E-mail
Severin, Natacha Leininger PhD Fellow +4535328828 E-mail
Sharma, Mona Postdoc +4535334846 E-mail
Sherwani, Moiz Khan External Postdoc +4535329515 E-mail
Skarbye, Alice Puk Postdoc +4535337680 E-mail
Skat-Rørdam, Josephine Postdoc +4535330210 E-mail
Skive, Bolette Assistant Professor +4535320810 E-mail
Skov, Søren Professor +4535333126 E-mail
Skovlund, Cecilie Ravn Postdoc +4520270506 E-mail
Spee, Maia Neisig Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Spiegelhauer, Malene Roed PhD Fellow +4535324693 E-mail
Starostka, Martin Erasmus Master Student   E-mail
Stege, Helle Associate Professor +4535332836 E-mail
Stelder, Jonno Jorn External   E-mail
Stensgaard, Anna-Sofie Associate Professor +4535336588 E-mail
Strathe, Anja Varmløse Associate Professor +4535320670 E-mail
Sun, Jiahong PhD Student   E-mail
Svanberg Frisinger, Frida External, Ph.d Student +4535332521 E-mail
Svennesen, Line Assistant Professor +4535337728 E-mail
Syhler, Rasmus Animal Keeper +4535327373 E-mail
Søgaard, Rikke External +4535326858 E-mail
Sønderby, Laura Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Sørensen, Anders Nørgaard Postdoc +4523967330 E-mail
Sørensen, Camilla Frost Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Sørensen, Dorte Bratbo Associate Professor +4535332724 E-mail
Sørensen, Martine Camilla Holst Associate Professor +4535336454 E-mail
Tajonar García, Karen Lizeth Guest Researcher +4535324795 E-mail
Tang, Taya PhD Student +4535323949 E-mail
Tao, Ruixin PhD Student   E-mail
Tauson, Anne-Helene Guest Researcher +4535333039 E-mail
Thamsborg, Stig Milan Professor +4535333778 E-mail
Thomsen, Line Elnif Associate Professor +4535332754 E-mail
Thomsen, Preben Dybdahl Professor +4535332545 E-mail
Thornval, Natasia Rebekka Visiting Student   E-mail
Thovtrup, Christian Tandberg Master-Student   E-mail
Thuesen, Ida Sofie External, Ph.d Student +4535325237 E-mail
Thymann, Thomas Professor +4535332622 E-mail
Thyrrestrup, Kim Research Assistant +4535336472 E-mail
Thøfner, Ida Associate Professor +4535336456 E-mail
Tran, Hue Thi Thanh Laboratory Technician +4535322549 E-mail
Troldborg, Nicoline Sisse Teacher´s Assistant   E-mail
Tveden-Nyborg, Pernille Associate Professor +4535333167 E-mail
Upfold, Jennifer Kate Postdoc   E-mail
Van Overfelt, Saar Sabine F PhD Fellow +4535329034 E-mail
Vedsted-Jakobsen, Amalie PhD Fellow +4535329726 E-mail
Vennervald, Birgitte J Professor +4535331440 E-mail
Verhelst, Martijn Jan Jaak Erasmus Master Student   E-mail
Vestergaard-Laustsen, Tina External   E-mail
Vile, Lillian Laboratory Technician +4535336756 E-mail
Vinberg, Helle Section Secretary +4535332708 E-mail
Vinther, Jens Visiting Student   E-mail
Vitt, Amira Ruslanovna External +4535326035 E-mail
Vretoudaki, Dafni Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Waheed, Sally Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Wang, Weizhe PhD Student   E-mail
Wathikthinnakon, Methi Postdoc   E-mail
Wellner, Sandra Marina Visitor +4535322293 E-mail
Westfall, Jesse James PhD Fellow +4535323550 E-mail
Williams, Andrew Richard Associate Professor +4535332797 E-mail
Williams, Emilie Danielle Madsen Laboratory Assistant +4535334392 E-mail
Winther, Jonathan Emil Pasch Master-Student   E-mail
Woudstra, Svenja Assistant Professor +4535332405 E-mail
Wu, Ziyuan Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Yang, Jingxian Postdoc +4535321547 E-mail
Yang, Lin Research Assistant   E-mail
Ye, Yongxin Guest Researcher +4535325446 E-mail
Zakariassen, Hannah Louise External +4535333846 E-mail
Zhang, Beijia Visiting Student   E-mail
Zhao, Ruoxuan External, Ph.d Student +4535336191 E-mail
Zhao, Yufei PhD Fellow   E-mail
Zhong, Jingren PhD Student   E-mail
Zhou, Qian PhD Student   E-mail
de Knegt, Leonardo Victor Associate Professor +4535324062 E-mail
htz757, htz757 Visitor +4535337927 E-mail
van der Deure, Tiem PhD Fellow +4535333615 E-mail
von Münchow, Alexandra Soraya G L PhD Fellow   E-mail
von Spreckelsen, Alexander PhD Fellow   E-mail