Cost of services

Sequencing of bacterial genome of 5MB, at the coverage of 30X, using 2x250 bp V2 reagent kit*

  • 979 DKK/per genome (internal costumers)**

DNA extraction using Maxwell RSC instrument and Maxwell RSC culture cell’s DNA kit (Promega)

  • 350 DKK/per isolate (internal costumers)

MiSeq instrument use: 

  • 2000 DKK/per run(internal costumers)

*price will change depending on genome size, sequencing coverage and reagent kit used
**internal costumers – everyone from KU, collaborators

Read Sample submission guide and requirements for DNA to plan sequencing with us.

For sample submission fill in MiSeq submission sheet

Express service: Bacterial genome sequence generated within 5 working days will be 33.000 kr. for a full run.  E.g. for 10 bacterial genomes the price will be 3300 kr. per genome. To see your place in the queue please follow this link

If you are interested in next generation sequencing, please contact associate professor Henrik Christensen,