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  • Break-through in methane reduction

    Scientists at the University of Copenhagen, are continuing on tests of  a compound that  can greatly reduce methane emissions from cow burbs. »
  • Dangerous Bacteria Communicate to Avoid Antibiotics

    Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have found a new survival mechanism for a commonly known type of bacteria. It can send out warning signals and thus make sure that other bacteria escape ‘dangers’ such as antibiotics. The researchers hope that the new knowledge can be utilised to make antibiotic treatment more effective. »
  • New center

    Today, the future Head of the new Centre, Professor Peter Sandøe, will receive a grant of DKK 1 million from ‘Skibsreder Per Henriksen, R. and Hustrus Fond’ at an award ceremony at ‘Det Kgl. Vajsenhus’ (the Royal Orphanage). The grant will form the basis for the establishment and the first year of operation of a new Danish Research Centre for Companion Animal Science. »

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