Education at IVH

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The Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences provides teaching and supervision for numerous programmes at the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences. The Bachelor and Master programme in Veterinary Medicine, Biology and Biotechnology study as well as Laboratory Animal Science and Food Control and Safety.

Bachelor and Master courses at KU-SUND.

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Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences provides teaching within Immunology, Basic Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaci, Chemical and Microbiological Food safety, Chemical Food safety, Infectious Microbiology, Laboratory Animal Science cat. C, Microbial Food safety, Parasitic Zoonoses, Meat Control, Speical Pharmacology, Special Pathology, Poultry diseases, Veterinary Paraclinic etc.

Differentiation at the Veterinary School, Frederiksberg Campus

Continuing Education

PhD Courses

All PhD students at IVS are part of the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences. As a PhD student you have to be member of a Graduate Programme under the PhD school. IVH is housing 4 graduate programmes, SCOFDA, Microbiology, In Vivo Pharmacology and Experimental Animals

Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences provides among others PhD courses in Immunology, In Vivo Pharmacology, Laboratory Animal Science, Bioinformatics for Microbiology etc.

PhD coordinator at the Department is Associate Professor Rikke Heidemann Olsen, 


IVH provides courses as e-learning e.g. in chemical and microbiological food safety.