Photo of the Admin. buildingAbout IVH

The department comprise 8 sections with a total of 360 employees, headed by Birgit Nørrung in collaboration with head of administration Vibeke Forsstrøm Jensen and the 8 section leaders. 


The secretariat is the administrative heart of the department and the place to go for most of your requirements. We provide the support which is not delegated to the individual sections or handled by the management enabling project and research groups to concentrate on meeting their professional goals and ambitions.


Our main objective is to secure a smooth, efficient and effective running of the decentralised administrative systems, to optimise the use of our resources and to create a conducive environment for the scientific staff. It is the secretariat's responsibility to:

  • ensure transparency and a high level of information in all human resource related issues
  • offer efficient financial project management
  • create and maintain transparent and professional administrative procedures, processes and ways of communication
  • continuously manage and document the quality and quantity of its own performance
  • offer sparring to the university administration as well as to external partners

Primary functions

The secretariat's primary tasks are to:

  • provide support to the head of department and the management team
  • act as liaison between administrative staff and their central administrative counterparts at the university
  • offer advise and practical assistance to PhD students and their supervisors
  • coordinate and implement administrative procedures across the sections and evaluate and adapt these to prevailing conditions
  • ensure that administrative deadlines are met and that services are provided as agreed






Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences has a number of standing committees; i.e. the teaching and research committees and in addition various ad hoc committees when the need arises.