Section for Pathobiological Sciences

The section for Pathobiological Sciences is a part of the Department for Veterinary and Animal Sciences (IVH) at the University of Copenhagen.

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PAS is dedicated to;

  • Research on a high, international level within embryology and stem cells, animal welfare, disease models, electro physiology, pathogenesis evaluation and veterinary pathological diagnostics, and in this way contribute to diagnostics and treatment of sick humans and animals.
  • Teaching. The teaching of the section is vital to the veterinary bachelor and master programme and to the Animal Science programme. We prepare the students for research, diagnostics and clinical work. We educate master students and PhD students on a high, international level within the research areas of the section.
  • Veterinary Contingency, partly consulting cases for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, partly veterinary Contingency which receives all cadavers and organs for observation of notifiable animal diseases. Furthermore we are responsible for the surveillance of cattle abortion and the surveillance of TSE (BSE and scrapie) in Denmark.

Students are always welcome to contact us for available projects.






















































Head of Section Kirstine Callø

Head of Section

Kirstine Callø
Associate Professor

Phone +45 61 66 64 02

Employees at Section

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Betina Gjedsted Bioanalyst +45 353-36737 E-mail
Andersen, Frederik Pathology technician +45 353-36735 E-mail
Barington, Kristiane Assistant professor +45 353-33112 E-mail
Blirup-Plum, Sophie Amalie PhD Fellow +45 353-31513 E-mail
Blok-Husum, Emma Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Bredum, Simon Krogh Veterinarian   E-mail
Brok, Dennis Attendant +45 353-33101 E-mail
Cakal, Selgin Deniz PhD fellow, external +45 81 93 05 36 E-mail
Callø, Kirstine Associate professor +45 61 66 64 02 E-mail
Chandrasekaran, Abinaya Postdoc +45 353-28080 E-mail
Christensen, Jonathan Ingerslev Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Christensen, Signe Leth Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Christensen, Vibeke Grøsfjeld Laboratory technician +45 353-32562 E-mail
Christiansen, Ida Højager Attendant   E-mail
Christoffersen, Maria Juul Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Eidsmo, Julia Thyra Wood Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Eiersted, Anna Cecilie Boldt Laboratory technician +45 353-37069 E-mail
Elbrønd (Bibs), Vibeke Sødring Associate professor +45 353-32548 E-mail
Fenner, Merle Friederike Postdoc +45 353-33300 E-mail
Freude, Kristine Associate professor +45 353-30937 E-mail
Friis, Søren   E-mail
Gad, Mathilde Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Gulmann, Adam Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Hall, Vanessa Jane Associate professor +45 353-32512 E-mail
Hammer, Anne Sofie Vedsted Associate professor +45 353-33129 E-mail
Hansen, Laura Signe Wiberg Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Hansen, Mette Sif Associate professor +45 353-26468 E-mail
Hansen, Vibeke Bøgelund Attendant +45 23 82 80 66 E-mail
Harrison, Adrian Paul Associate professor +45 61 46 27 32 E-mail
Hartmann, Katrine Top Research assistant +45 353-31206 E-mail
Hashem, Nadia   E-mail
Haukedal, Henriette PhD fellow +45 353-25288 E-mail
Honoré, Oliver Legarth +45 353-35018 E-mail
Hvidtfeldt, Esther Johanne Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Hyttel, Poul Professor +45 353-32541 E-mail
Iburg, Tine Moesgaard Teacher, external   E-mail
Jensen, Henrik Elvang Professor +45 353-33100 E-mail
Jensen, Jan Lykke Attendant +45 23 82 80 65 E-mail
Jensen, Lars Jørn Associate professor +45 353-32563 E-mail
Jensen, Louise Kruse Associate professor +45 353-36192 E-mail
Kamstrup, Kristian Møgeltoft   E-mail
Klærke, Dan Arne Professor +45 353-32511 E-mail
Kragh, Benedicte Section secratary +45 353-33105 E-mail
Kromann, Sofie Industrial PhD Student +45 353-26918 E-mail
Larsen, Jakob Overgaard Teacher's assistant +45 28 72 77 17 E-mail
Leifsson, Páll Skúli Associate professor +45 353-33114 E-mail
Mohamed, Fadumo Abdullahi Research assistant +45 353-25198 E-mail
Mundbjerg, Karin +45 353-23251 E-mail
Møller, Steffen Kjær Hemmingsen Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Møller-Petersen, Mathilde Luth Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Najafzadeh, Vahid Postdoc   E-mail
Nielsen, Ole Lerberg   E-mail
Olesen, Sasja Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Pankoke, Karen PhD student   E-mail
Pedersen, Line Bøgelund Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Petersen, Elisabeth Wairimu Laboratory technician +45 353-36757 E-mail
Pihl, Maria Laboratory technician +45 22 49 64 08 E-mail
Poulsen, Knud Professor emeritus +45 24 20 45 11 E-mail
Quaade, Michelle Lauge PhD fellow +45 353-34685 E-mail
Saruhanian, Sarkis PhD Fellow +45 353-27472 E-mail
Skandov, Nicoline Siebken Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Synnestvedt, Josefine Natalie Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Sønderby, Laura Teacher's assistant   E-mail
Thomsen, Preben Dybdahl Professor +45 353-32545 E-mail
Vohra, Rupali Postdoc +45 51 33 12 48 E-mail
Wagner, Nicklas Hourly paid student   E-mail
Wolf-Jäckel, Godelind Alma Assistant professor +45 353-20521 E-mail
Østrup, Esben Associate professor +45 353-34743 E-mail