Pathogenesis, diagnosis and pathology: The veterinary pathology group

Necropsy of a porcine bone infection

The purpose is to improve human and animal health through comparative pathological studies. Focus is especially on infectious diseases, where spontaneous infections in e.g. poultry, pigs, mink and cattle are analysed together with diseases in various experimental animal models. The research contributes to evidence based solutions of actual health challenges associated with especially bacterial, viral and fungal infections. In all studies, application of different in situ methods, both simple and complex infection biology interactions are clarified with respect to the inflammatory response and the host-pathogen interaction.
















































































Group leader

Group Leader

Henrik Elvang Jensen

Contact address

Ridebanevej 3
1870 Frederiksberg C

Phone +45 35 33 31 00

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Betina Gjedsted Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535336737 E-mail
Andersen, Frederik Attendant FU +4535336735 E-mail
Barington, Kristiane Assistant Professor +4535333112 E-mail
Blirup-Plum, Sophie Amalie PhD Fellow +4535331513 E-mail
Brok, Dennis Attendant FU +4535333101 E-mail
Hansen, Mette Sif Associate Professor +4535326468 E-mail
Hovmand-Hansen, Trine PhD Fellow +4535331443 E-mail
Jensen, Henrik Elvang Professor +4535333100 E-mail
Jensen, Louise Kruse Associate Professor +4535336192 E-mail
Leifsson, Páll Skúli Associate Professor +4535333114 E-mail
Pankoke, Karen PhD Student   E-mail
Petersen, Elisabeth Wairimu Laboratory Technician +4535336757 E-mail