Kirstine Callø

Kirstine Callø

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

The main focus of my research is on electrophysiology and ion channels. In particular, I am interested in how the distribution of Purkinje fibres affect the appearance of the ECG in various large species.

ionic currents in the heart affect action potentials and the excitation-contraction coupling in healthy and diseased hearts.

Current research

Personalized medicine and cardiac arrhythmias 

Development of assays based on stem cell derived cardiomyocytes

Distribution of the cardiac conduction system and electrical activation of the heart in mammalian species


I supervise both practical and theoretical projects in the cardiovascular field. Experimentally, my focus is on electrophysiology, including sharp electrode recordings of action potentials and patch clamp recordings of ionic currents in different cell types, including isolated cardiomyocytes. I have experience supervising Bachelor, Master and PhD projects. Feel free to contact me for information on possible projects.

ID: 5330