Anette Ella Boklund

Anette Ella Boklund

Senior consultant

During my work I have gained extensive experience with simulation of spread of contagious diseases in the Danish husbandry system, first in the swine industry for 10 years, and then for 10 years in at the National Veterinary Institute. At both places, I have worked intensively with swine data, biosecurity and risk analyses. From January 1st, 2019, I am working at the University of Copenhagen, still in the area of risk assessment, spread models and epidemiology in general. My main focus is on assessing the risk of emerging diseases as well as on preparedness and management of emerging diseases.

Member of the national scientific committee for ICAHS 2020.

External expert in the ASF working group, EFSA 2018-2019.

Member of the Danish expert groups on foot and mouth disease and on swine fever

ID: 210599958