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  • Novel marine biomolecules against biofilm

    Flere og flere patienter får indsat nye kunstigt led som for eksempel knæ og hofter. En stor del af disse patienter bliver yderligere belastede fordi der går infektion i knoglen omkring det nye led. Novel marine biomolecules against biofilm-projektet har til formål at finde nye antibiotikatyper i alger, så man kan forbygge udviklingen af implantat-relaterede knogleinfektioner.

  • Hot Summer Caused Parasite Infections at Lakes

    If you swim in fresh water lakes in Denmark, when it is hot, there is a risk of contracting the harmless, but unpleasant parasitic infection ‘swimmer's itch’ in the skin. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, amongst others, have examined several cases from the hot summer of 2018 and have confirmed the risk of swimming in several Danish lakes. »
  • Professor Poul Hyttel awarded AETE Pioneer award

    September 13th, Poul Hyttel was awarded the Association for Embryo Technology in Europe (AETE) - Pioneer Award. »

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