Henrik Elvang Jensen

Henrik Elvang Jensen


Member of:

    Business address and appointment:

    Professor, DVM, DVSci., PhD., Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, 3 Ridebanevej, DK-1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.

    Phone: + 45 35 33 31 00; E-mail: elvang@sund.ku.dk


    European specialist title:

    Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (1997).

    Fellow of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (2020)

    Professional appointments:

    2002-2007:    Member of the examination board of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists.

    Since 2011:   Appointed member of (EFSA) European Food Safety Authority, Parma, Italy.


    Meetings and conferences:

    Participated with oral presentations at more than 200 international meetings and conferences. Invited speaker at a number of occasions with presentations focusing on pathology.



    Teaching experience (and subsequent examination of students) including lectures, practicals, courses, histopathology, and post-mortem work (diagnostic pathology) on domestic mammals (including meat inspection) and laboratory animals for veterinary students, biotech-students, human biology students in Denmark and other countries. Teaching experience at Ph.D.-level includes lectures, practicals, histopathology, and post-mortem work in the areas of Veterinary Science, Medical mycopathology, Applied toxicology, and Laboratory Animal Science.


    Diagnostic work:

    On a regular basis for more than 25 years carried out necropsies and subsequent histopathological examinations of mainly domestic mammals. Regularly, necropsies and subsequent histopathological examinations have also been carried out on laboratory animals



    Mainly concerned with infectious diseases and inflammatory reactions in animals. Currently working with pathogenetic and diagnostic studies of bacterial and fungal infections in animal models (primarily mice and pigs). Published more than 250 papers in international peer reviewed journals. Written several books and chapters in national and international books related to laboratory animal models, mycopathology, and pathology.



    Professor and Chair of Veterinary Pathology at the University of Copenhagen since 1997.

    Member of the leader-group at Department of Veterinary Disease Biology, 1994-2013.

    Member of the committee for authorization of DVMs in Denmark since 2000-2015.

    Leader of several research projects within the area of pathology, financed by private companies and institutions, national research councils and EU.

    By a regular basis appointed to committees evaluating professorships, Ph.D. and Doctoral thesis in Denmark and other countries. 


    Post graduate supervision:

    Principle superviser on 16 Ph.D.-projects and co-superviser on 28 Ph.D.-projects since 1994.



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