26 February 2021

Henriette Haukedal awarded Early Career Scientist Grant

The award was given by Hello Bio, founded by a team of experienced scientists and chemists who genuinely want to support life science research.

Photo of Henriette HaukedalHenriette is a PhD Student at the section for Pathobiological Sciences at University of Copenhagen, in Denmark.

The grant will be used to cover Henriette's expenses for the virtual International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases in March 2021, where she has a poster presentation.

Henriette has been interviewed by Hello Bio and was asked to what she was working with at the moment;

"My current research focuses on Alzheimer´s disease (AD), using induced pluripotent stem cell models (iPSC). We have derived cells from both patients with AD and healthy individuals and reprogrammed these into iPSC. Furthermore, we are using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to either correct the AD cells, creating matching controls, or establishing new knock-in cell lines.

We are further differentiating these cells into both neurons and microglia, and by comparing the AD cells with the controls, we wish to identify novel disease mechanisms, and potential targets for future therapeutic intervention".

Congratulations to Henriette.