Aquatic Pathobiology Lab (AQUA)

We conduct research and teaching on health of aquatic animals with our main focus on sustainable production and control. Our researchers apply fish as disease models elucidating diseases in higher vertebrates – including humans.

The group has developed methodologies to make a impact on fish health in both wild and farmed fish. By placing focus on preventive techniques the group contributes to improved health of organisms in wild and controlled environments.












Buchmann, K. (2014). Evolution of innate immunity: clues from invertebrates via fish to mammals. Frontiers in Immunology 5: 1-8 (  

Xu, Z., Parra, D., Gomez, D., Salinas, I., Zhang, Y.-A., Jørgensen, L. v. G., Heinecke, R. D., Buchmann, K., LaPatra, S., Sunyer, J. O. (2013). Teleost skin, an ancient mucosal surface that elicits gut-like immune responses. PNAS 110 (32): 13097-13102.  

Jørgensen, L.v.G., Korbut, R., Jeberg, S, Kania, P. W., Buchmann, K. (2018). Association between adaptive immunity and neutrophil dynamics in zebrafish (Dania rerio) infected by a parasitic ciliate. PLOS One 13(9):e0203297. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0203297 p. 1-18













Through our work in five EU-projects (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7) the group has established a strong network with researchers throughout Europe and USA. Other sources of funding are GUDP, Horizon2020,  IFD, EFF, DFF, and the Villum Foundation. 

Likewise by being in charge of the Danish Fish Immunology Research Centre supported by the Danish Council for Strategic Research the research group has managed to establish our position as one of the most significant groups in Europe within fish immunology and fish diseases. The strong position has facilitated success at the national level where several research projects including a umber of postdoc grants have been obtained.

  • TECHFISH: Novel DNA technology securing fast breeding of disease resistant rainbow trout.
  • Shelterfish
  • Recirkvet









Danish Fish Immunology Research Centre  and Network - DAFINET 





















Group leader

Group Leader

Kurt Buchmann

Phone: +45 35 33 27 00
Cell: + 45 30 52 15 88 

Stigbøjlen 7, building 1-35
1870 Frederiksberg C

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Buchmann, Kurt Professor +4535332700 E-mail
Fernandez Gonzalez, Carlota Marola Research Assistant +4535328581 E-mail
Jaafar, Rzgar Attendant FU +4535333137 E-mail
Kania, Per Associate Professor +4535332740 E-mail
Kumas, Kaan Research Assistant   E-mail
Mohammadkarami, Asma Postdoc +4535337095 E-mail
Severin, Natacha Leininger PhD Fellow +4535328828 E-mail

Visiting fellows

Ms Fareeha Imran, Dept. of Wildlife and Ecology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore

Dr Mohammad Nafi Solaiman al-Sabi, Jordan University of Science and Technology 1.7.2024
Ph.d. student Ivona Taulova, Veterinary University, Brno 1.8.-31.8.2024