EXFIMO - Experimental Fish Models

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The EXFIMO group focuses on fish as experimental animal models. We primarily use rainbow trout and zebrafish in our work. We aim to develop new tools for the aquaculture industry as well as understanding immunology from a basic scientific point of view.

We wish to expand our zebrafish model to include relevant scientific areas - not only related to fish. 









Anvendelse af miljø-eNA-teknologi til ikke-invasiv og hurtig påvisning af fiskepatogener i dansk akvakultur on-site. 

RASOPTA (Horizon2020 ITN)
Safeguarding future production of fish in aquaculture systems with water recirculation.

ZEBRAFISH: The zebrafish as an experimental model for human inflammatory diseases

Aktivt slam og intelligent sygdomskontrol (Europæiske Hav- og Fiskeristyrelse (EHFF) 

Resistance genes (DFF)

Den Usynlige verden (KUs almene fond)


  • Ecoprawn (DANIDA)
  • Profishience (GUDP)
  • Epigenome Microbiome Interactions with GLOBE
  • Linking host and parasite microbiomes to probe the nature of parasitism
  • Zebrafish and CRISPR/CAS with GLOBE









































Group leader

Group Leader

Louise von Gersdorff Jørgensen
Associate Professor

Phone +45 +4535332769 Cell: +4522833464

EXFIMO Group/project members

Internal researchers

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Duan, Yajiao Postdoc +4535325382 E-mail
Gelskov, Sara Vebæk Research Assistant +4522877969 E-mail
Henard, Cyril Pierre Frederic PhD Fellow +4535323641 E-mail
Jaafar, Rzgar Attendant FU +4535333137 E-mail
Jepsen, Ditte Goldschmidt Attendant FU +4535329582 E-mail
Jørgensen, Louise von Gersdorff Associate Professor +4535332769 E-mail
Mathiessen, Heidi PhD Fellow +4535335452 E-mail

Master students


 Ditte Goldschmidt Jepsen

1.9.2023 E-mail