Camilla Vibeke Sichlau Bruun

Camilla Vibeke Sichlau Bruun

Associate Professor

I am a veterinarian and have a PhD in molecular genetics and I am employed as associate professor in animal genetics. My research covers quantitative, functional and disease genetics in pigs and dogs. Currently, my scientific focus is to unravel the genetic background of hereditary diseases in dogs. I am the course leader of Veterinary genetics and contribute to genetics courses in the animal science and biotechnology educational programs as well. I supervise veterinary bachelor students in groups and master students too.

I have a strong focus on first year teaching, development of teaching forms and e-learning material. I am a member of the study board for veterinary medicine and animal science and of the department teaching committee and currently I am taking active part in developing the new veterinary curriculum.

Possible conflicts of interest

I collaborate with the Danish Kennel Club, veterinarians and dog owners in relation to research and education.

ID: 4227270