Carsten Kirkeby

Carsten Kirkeby

Senior Researcher

Overall, I am engaged in research on disease control, ranging from theoretical foundations to practical applications. My main areas of interest include:

  • Statistical analyses of the dynamics of disease transmission, particularly in cattle (bluetongue, paratuberculosis, BVD, mastitis), birds (avian influenza), and zoonotic diseases (SARS-CoV2 and avian influenza). This involves quantifying parameters of disease spread and indicators of disease states (such as cell counts in dairy cattle) to examine their relationship with transmission dynamics.
  • Mathematical simulation of disease dynamics in populations using simulation models for cattle diseases (bluetongue, paratuberculosis, mastitis, BVD) as well as models for birds and fish. This also includes teaching in simulation models.
  • Research-based contintency work, bringing research results into practice. I have, for instance, worked on mastitis and SARS-CoV2 within this context. Additionally, for example, in avian influenza, various projects aligned with my long-term strategy for developing research on the spread of avian influenza in Denmark support current needs for government service.

Additionally, I am interested in other areas such as insects, which I have been studying since my PhD (spatial spread of bluetongue in cattle). In recent years, I have focused this area on detection, tracking, and quantification of insects in the air using laser technology related to quantifying disease spread. I have also begun to address sustainability in relevant contexts, as I believe it is a future imperative for all.

I am Project Coordinator for the EU Project PAIR.

I am leading these research subgroups:

- Avian influenza Epidemiology subgroup

- Udder Health Epidemiology subgroup

ID: 200170995